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after da last scream

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The Berlin Art Week |  the art of drowning

"The Berlin Art Week closes the gap between the Armory Show, New York, the Art Basel, the Frieze art fair and the FIAC Paris."

This screaming nonsense is not the wishful thinking of some hipster gallery, but seriously a quote from the Berlin Senate, the main force behind the Berlin Art Week. Honestly, placing yourself between the mentioned spots will only lead to drowning in the middle of nowhere.Please read aloud: Berlin is not New York, Berlin is not Basel, Berlin is not London or Paris. “Und das ist gut so” (and that´s fine) to quote the retiring MC of Berlin.
Gladly most visitors of the annual art frenzy don´t come to town in hope for some huge art market but because Berlin is still among the most vivid towns where art is created. Therefor it comes as no surprise that the satelite events, the non-official part of the art weekend is still alive and kicking, while the original art fair Art Forum already died some years ago, now replaced by the abc fair.
For some time the satelite events became an overdose, making it impossible to keep track. But the charming, anarchistic Berlin Kunstsalon closed it´s doors and the preview satelite fair has been replaced by some generic marketing construct, labeled “positions” (the founders of the preview are not amused that positions claims to be their follow-up).
This year´s main counterpart to the bloodless “lets play art market” of the Berlin Art Week will be the Berliner Liste, that gathers 112 exhibitors, carefully handpicked by curating doyen Peter Funken.

The 11th Berliner Liste takes place at the Postbahnhof, an amazing location, perfectly located in the heart of Berlin.That this alternate fair is by now the oldest event of the Berlin Art Week, still smoking the competition, is a fine credit for the whole art week.

The BERLINER LISTE will be held September 18 to 21, 2014.
Opening: Wednesday, September 17 from 6 pm, Postbahnhof and Fritz Club
Fair location: Postbahnhof, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin
Entry: Day ticket 13 €, Concessions 9 €, both including brochure

pictured: Alan Smithee, are you afraid of…, 2012, digital video installation, dimensions variable, edition of 3/1AP on display at the booth of Directors Lounge at the Berliner Liste
This is a snippet from the original video, downscaled to work as a cinemagram (gif)
Florentijn Hofman Unleashes Moon Rabbit Sculpture
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, best known for the giant inflatable Rubber Duck sculpture, the giant wooden hippo currently making its way down the Thames, and the giant bamboo kitten he set loose in Shanghai in June, has unleashed yet another large-scale animal sculpture, this time in the county of Taoyuan in northern Taiwan on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival.
The creation was inspired by a tale from ancient Chinese folklore about a goddess who lived on the moon with a rabbit who constantly mixed a rejuvenating elixir for her consumption. “Hofman said he felt the rabbit might need to take a break after working on the moon for thousands of years,” the official said of the work’s reclining position. It is propped against a bunker at a formal naval air base.

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